Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jesús es mi Luz

My district LOVES the song Jesús es mi Luz because it rhymes. We sing it ALL the time. Even though we do it because we think it is funny to sing, the meaning is SO true. Jesus really is the LIGHT!!!!!!

Funny thing, in Santiago, where I will be serving, they cannot pronounce the RD in my name. They will call me Hermana Bozal (pronounced beau-sal). In Spanish bozal translates to muzzle. Just kind of ironic that someone who talks as much as me is going to be called Sister Muzzle. Can't win em all right??

A BUNCH of missionaries in the MTC got sick with what we call gringo fever. Basically just a cold because there are so many of us shaking so many hands all the time. So I pulled out my doterra oils and healed everyone. I am now called the witch doctor here in the MTC! I hope this one makes you so proud mom!!!! They are SUCH A BLESSING. 

We have been going to the park across the street more frequently. One night I was feeling HORRIBLE with my gringa fever, but we were going to the park. I decided to pray that we would find the people who would be willing and open to listen to our message. I then put on my happy face and went out. We ended up finding three people who were willing to listen. We had really meaningful conversations with all of them! We gave each of them a Book of Mormon. Then we got their numbers to give the local missionaries! I could totally feel the Spirit and felt a million times better after. It is so crazy how the Spirit and spreading the truth can help me feel so much better even when I am physically ill. I love being a missionary.

On Sunday my companionship taught a lesson on charity and love. I would like to urge each and everyone of you to go read 1 Nephi 19:9. It talks about how the Savior loved people who did horrible things to Him. I have been working really hard to love everyone especially those who are hard to love. They are usually the ones who need it the most. LOVE EVERYONE!!

The missionaries who were here when we got here left to the areas where they are serving so we got a bunch of new missionaries. I am really going to miss some of them! There was one Elder from Jamaica who was the happiest person I know despite having grown up in very hard circumstances. He is SO fast!!!! His 100m is in the 10 seconds and his 400m is like a 46.82 or something. He has met Usain Bolt. He inspired me to always turn to love even when life is hard. I will miss him very much. There were many others who I will also miss but I am excited to meet the new ones.

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!! I still have NOT EATEN BEANS!!!! The Church Is SOOOOOO TRUE!!!!!

Well I am learning a bunch here and absolutely loving it. I hope everyone is doing great at home. I love you all and the Lord loves you all.

Here at the MTC we say goodnight five ways:
Buenas Noches
Bon qui
Bien dorme
Hasta Manana

It is Spanish, French, English (duh), and Creole then see you tomorrow in Spanish. It is awesome here!!!

All the love,
Hermana Bossard (Sister Muzzle) xoxoxo

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