Thursday, July 9, 2015

WEEK 1- The Longest Week of My Life


Wow if I had a nickel for every time I heard that. It is how people greet each other here in the MTC. This has honestly been the longest week of my life. but it has been SO AWESOME!! The first couple days were rough but the longer I stay here the more I can feel the blessings of a mission and the more I love it.

The average day here looks like this:
6:30- Wake up get ready
7:00- Eat breakfast
7:30- personal study
8:30- additional language study
9:30- Class on teaching the gospel and language
12:30 lunch
1:30- more class on teaching the gospel and language
3:30- gym time
5:15- dinner
6:00- more class on teaching the gospel and language
9:00- daily planning
9:15- Prayer Meeting and goodnight
9:30- get ready for bed
10:15- quiet time and reflection on the day
10:30-lights out

It is pretty intense all day everyday, but we also have a lot of fun. I have an AWESOME district, the people I spend pretty much all my time with. It has my trio and then 6 Elders. We have such a good time. One of the boys is from San Jose! SO CRAZY!!! There are a total of 59 missionaries in the ENTIRE MTC including the ones from Latin American countries, so to have one of the Elders in my district be from somewhere so close to home is so crazy. Another is from Plasterville. Three people are from Utah and then we have one from Portland and another from Missouri. We have quiet the crew. Crazy that the majority isn't from Utah, what the Mormons here call the factory. The Lord seriously knows us so well because I can tell I was just meant to meet these people. It is so cool to have such an awesome district!!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!

So I have made it through the entire first week without eating beans. Anyone who doesn't believe in God is so wrong because not having to eat beans is such a tender mercy and a TOTAL BLESSING from Heavenly Father. The food is pretty good actually. For breakfast we will either have pancakes or french toast. They are pretty basic. I usually have cereal and a banana. They always have yogurt and oatmeal but I don't eat those. Lunch is always two types of rice and two types of meat and beans, but they treat me SO nice and give me just the one type of rice that I like and meat that I like. The chef LOVES me. Her name is Shelley and I love her. She is probably the sweetest person I know. The other great thing about lunch is the FRUIT!!! It is the best pineapple and mango I have every had in my life. We always try to get down there fast because the fruit goes quick. IT IS SO YUMMY. There is also salad and some days it has avocados. For dinner we usually have potatoes, which I never eat because they are mashed, some kind of meat and salad. I also usually eat a banana with dinner too. Overall it's pretty good.

On the Third of July we celebrated the Fourth because we couldn't do it on Saturday because too many people are here to go to the temple. We live in a building that is also like a hotel for people who come to the temple because this is the only temple in all of the Carribbean. We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal for lunch and we sang the National Anthem and the people here decorated. It was really fun! Then for dinner we had hotdogs and hamburgers. 

The first day here I was like OMG the missionaries think the stupidest stuff is funny, but now I totally think that stuff is funny too. Being a missionary is SO weird because you can feel yourself being lame but it is also the most awesome calling on Earth. We had a devotional about how missionaries are the only people in the church who have the authority to teach and baptize people besides the apostles but they never do. How cool is that that literally NO ONE else in the church can do that except ME!! I feel like I totally just one uped Greg Madsen LOL! Being a missionary is truly amazing! The MTC is truly amazing. I feel the spirit so much, and it is so cool to be with a group of kids my age that all have such a strong desire to serve the Lord.

The teachers here have a bunch of faith in us because we usually have to stay inside the temple grounds but on the THIRD DAY we went to this park across the street and contacted. We talked to REAL PEOPLE about the Church. It was SO awesome and I really hope those people read the pamphlets we gave them. It is hard because we can't understand them a lot of the time, but if the Spirit is there the language is as important. The language can be really frustrating because I have SO MUCH I want to say but I don't know how. But I can totally already feel myself learning so much!!!

Well I feel like I just wrote a novel and I didn't even talk about everything I wanted to. We got to go to the temple this morning which was really cool. It also isn't as hot as I thought it would be. The have the AC so high in the building that I am actually cold except when we go outside for gym. 

Okay I am actually running out of time so if you're still with me congrats for finishing this. Also remember the Church is totally true. There are so many things that happen here that just make me realize how it couldn't happen without God. I challenge you all to read the Book of Mormon and pray if you think it is true. I promise it will bless your life. I miss all of you so much. I love you all so much. If things are hard, remember that I lopve you and the God and Jesus love you.

Love and blessings,
Hermana Bossard xoxo

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