Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week Three- Still No Beans <3

Wow what a week this has been! I love every moment here in the MTC. This week we got to go out contacting at a local University! It was SUCH an awesome experience. We handed out pamphlets and Libros de Mormon! The first guy we talked to played the guitar. We talked to him about church, and then we asked him if he would play us something. He played us music he had written himself. It was so beautiful. Then Hermana Keith told him that she could play. She ended up playing and singing Sun day Morning by Maroon 5. I know it isn't a church song but the Spirit was honestly so strong. The tears were streaming down my face. It was such a beautiful moment that I will always treasure. I hope the guy we were talking to ended up reading the Book of Mormon. I know he felt the Spirit in that moment. We also talked to this woman who was an inactive member. She talked about how she wants to go back to church. It is amazing to see the people that the Lord uses us to teach. It is all so inspired and the people are truly ready for the gospel!!!

My district is SUPER awesome, and we continue to get closer and closer. We had a speed walking race. We also played a really good game of soccer. It was BAKING HOT!! Honestly I was sweating more than I even knew I could sweat. My skin felt so nice afterwards. It was better than getting a facial and it was so much fun to be playing outside. We also have been sharing more personal stories. We had a devotional about receiving revelation. Then we had a district meeting and talked about it all. It was awesome to hear the stories about people receiving revelation. The father of one of the Elder's in my district was injured this week. Please keep him in your prayers. I love my district and I know it was inspired by God.

So during Sacrament meeting four or five missionaries give talks. Everyone has to prepare a talk and then after we partake of the Sacrament President announces who will be speaking and guess who was called on this week? Yeah it was me. I gave a talk on the Restoration IN SPANISH!!!!! OMG was I nervous but people told me they could really feel the Spirit. It is crazy that even though a lot of people couldn't even understand me they were still able to feel the Spirit.

This week two Haitians arrived. They are going to serve in Haiti. They are teaching me French and Creole so I will come home quadralingual. LOL JK but they did teach me some basic words. It is awesome and talking to them about where they come from is so humbling. I asked one if he grew up in the church and he said no he grew up in an orphanage. That is how he knows English because there were so many Americans around. He joined the church in 2013 when one of his brothers he met at the orphanage introduced him to the missionaries. Both of them come from very tough situations but are the happiest people I have ever met. It is incredible.

This week I have been studying humility a lot. I have been reading a lot of scriptures on how to be more humble. It is awesome how many blessing we can receive for being humble. D&C 136: 32-33 talks about how the humble gain wisdom and are enlightened. Another scripture talks about how it is easier to receive answers to prayers as we are humble. I hope to become more humble and learn how to fully give my will to the Lord. Another thing I read this week was D&C 46. It talks about all the different gifts that different people have. It says that they are for the benefit of everyone. This is so awesome! It helps me to want to lift everyone else up and also magnify my own strengths because we were each given specific gifts to benefit everyone. When everyone is living to their full potential, we can all do our best!

Wow this is quite long and thanks if you are still reading. This week my district was talking about predictions and prophesies in the scriptures. In Revelations 9:7-9 they talk about helicopters basically. Also in Doctrine and Covenants 87 it PREDICTS THE CIVIL WAR. No joke. Go read it. It was written like almost 30 years before that even happened. I dare you to tell me Joseph Smith isn't a prophet and that this church is not true after reading that! There is so much in the Book of Mormon that proves how true it is. I love this church and know that as we pray to God we can receive revelation and answers to our prayers. The mission is hard but also incredible satisfying. I love you all so so SOOOO much!!!! 

Love always,
Hermana Bossard xoxo

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