Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Week to Remember

A Baptism in a Week
We had BAPTISMS this weekend. Boy was it glorious. One was our golden investigator Chrithopher. The other was this guy who had taken the lessons in the past and literally came up to us on Sunday and said I want to be baptized this Saturday too. It was crazy but we pulled it all together. A baptism in a week. The baptismal service was AMAZING ad I felt the Sprit so dang strong. They are the first convert baptisms in our ward for just about a year now. I can tell that these are going to get the ball rolling. We have some other really amazing investigators who have accepted dates for baptism. oh my the church is TRUE!

Wow if you didnt get a chance to watch the general conference for the women GO DO IT NOW! Honestly it was sooooooo amazing. I was writing notes and my journal and i kept adding thngs like YES! or omg SO true. Gosh it was amazing. One of the talks was about our divine nature and how our Heavenly Father gives us part of His divinity. How amazing is that?!!! AHHH LOVE IT we are all childern of a Heaveny Father! Also there was a video clip that shared Phillippians 4 13 and I want you al to go read it right now. It is amazing and I love it. Def a new fav.

Wow this week it has been raining like CRAZY. The drops are so big and so heavy and we get soaked because we are walking everywhere. Umbrellas dont help at all. It is kinda funny though. One day it even hailed which is crazy because it is so dang hot here. Rain shine snow or hail the church is true and I love you! Literally love you all so much! Please keep writing me and sending me letters. LOVE YOU ALL

All the love
Hermana Bossard xoxo

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Week I Spoke in front of a Gerneral Authority IN SPANISH

Wow so truly the title says it all. This week was a very interesting one. We had a conference with a member of the area presidency, Elder Zivic. We were told in our zone metting that two missionaries out of the HUNDRED that were there were going to speak. They told us to prepare a talk on lesson 1 or 2. Or so I thought but really they said to have something prepared for both but of course I didn`t understand because it was all in Spanish. So we are sitting in the conference and my companion gets called up to give the opening prayer so I am thinking phew I am in the clear no way are they going to call both of us up. Then the Elder condusting the meeting says to my comp ``How do you prounounce your companions name?`` A feeling of panic came over me. Then he stands up and still gets my name wrong of course. Then he says I am going to speak on Lesson 1 and I freaked out because my talk was on LESSON TWO ugh. So then one of the other sisters was like ``su testimonio`` and I was like okay that`s right I have a testimony of all this I can do this. I ended up talking about Joseph Smith`s desire to know the truth and his willingness to follow his answers. I know all my words were wrong in Spanish but the Spirit was definitely there. Also Elder Zivic and his wife were very impressed with my Spanish so that was nice. It was a really incredible experience that I will definitely never forget.

This week I was studying in the book Daughters in my Kingdom. If you don`t have a copy and you are a girl, GO GET IT. Honestly so incredible. I was reading the chapter on visiting teaching and I gained a new tstimony of the importance of the church orginazations. I have always had a testimony of the gospel but reading this chapter I realized how lucky I am to be in a church where women and all people support each other and love eachother. I remember a non member telling me about my baptism how weird it was how much the people there loved me for having known me for such little time. I want that person to realize that they don`t need to know me personally to know that I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father and an important part int he kingdom of God. I love having this knowledge because nometter who tries to put you down or say mean things you can know that your Heavenely Father loves you dearly. The other day I was having a bit of a rough one and then during one of our visits I got to hold week old baby rabbits. I could feel the love of the Lord so strongly because He knew exactly what I needed in this moment. The church is so true people. Live it. Love it.

All the love,
Hermana Bossard xoxo

our failed attempts at a zone picture with self timer

our failed attempts at a zone picture with self timer
our failed attempts at a zone picture with self timer

a latino wrote this as a goodbye exito means success lol i think he meant i can do it but idk

Beans Baseball and Best Friends

Well the moment you have all bean waiting for finally happened. HABICHUELAS happened. That is what they call beans here. We were at a members house doing service and she made us lunch. It was self serve so I thought oh perfect I just wont take any but over course she was like here have some have some so I had to have some! UGH. So then I take some and here they eat them on top of their rice so I would take a big spoonful of rice with one bean LOL but in all honesty I would be lying if I said I hated them. They actually werent that bad. Nothing I would make for myself or pay for but honestly not that bad lol.

Well actually softball but baseball sounded better in my title lol. So for Pday we decided to play a game of softball. It was our zone and one other and a bunch of local kids. It was a BLAST. It was actually really funny because the Elders have really low expectations of the sisters and I was picked last HAHAHAA. I was like oh I can pitch for the team. They were like uhhhh ya sure? ok you can. Then I threw a shut out and had like five stike outs. Talk about a blow to the Elders egos. Hahaha I mean like is anyone surprised though? It was a crack up. I am a legend in the area. A bunch of Dominicans were watching us and I had coaches talking to me and kids begging me to pitch more so they could try to hit off me. I dont think most of them have ever seen a girl play and they definitely havent seen a girl play well and it is even crazier because I am a GRINGA! It was truly my time to shine hahahaha! They all wanted pictures with me and wanted me to play more. I hope we go back and play with them more because it was truly SO MUCH FUN. I love the people here.

Can I just say the mission is the bets thing ever? Next week I finish my first transfer ad I am so sad because there are people in my zone who will probably leave. It is So hard because I feel so close to all of them and I love them all so much! It is crazy how fast you get close to people in the mission. We are teaching some people who I just love SO MUCH! They are all so strong here. It is incredible! I love the mission. I love the gospel and church. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love my Heavenly Father. And I love you all! Stay strong people!

All the Love
Hermana Bossard xoxo

all the sisters

all the missionaries who played

 me and hermana Brimley who I LOVE with some of the boys we played with

selfie in the guagua with some missionaires in my zone

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Living the Dream

Wow another amazing week in the mission. Honestly I didn't think it could get any better but every day is a sweet surprise. Don't get me wrong missions are REALLY hard and a bunch of work but doesn't it seem to be that the hardest things are always the most rewarding? Sure is true for my mission! 

This week I got to teach an English class which was very funny. Everyone has lots of questions for me about how I like the country and the people and the food. I always tell them that I love it because it is true I LOVE IT. There were people in the class interested in the church so I actually taught a lesson on the Restoration in English which was weird because I am so used to it being in Spanish, but it turned out pretty good haha. I actually was able to translate a bit in Spanish so they understood the lesson. I will probably go back to teach more because they all loved me and are begging me to come back.

A bunch of kids who live on our street also love me and want me to teach an English class. It is so cute because there are always sitting by our door when we return home at night and they yell things at me like hi, my name is..., how are you, thank you, and they ask me what a bunch of different things mean. It is so cute and I love them. They always put a smile on my face.

The English class that I taught is right next to that baseball field I was talking about. This time there was MENS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL. It was crazy. They were pitching SO FAST and just drilling the ball. It was awesome to watch and definitely brought back some memories haha.

This week we also had a chance to have our interviews with the President of the mission. He makes sure things are going well in our area and with our companionship. Mine went great because things are GREAT. Oh by the way I did the whole dang thing in SPANISH and he said my Spanish was really good and that I am progressing SUPER fast. Wow what a great thing to hear! It made me even happier. 

We teach this one family that is less active but is now active in the church. WOO! The mom is SO strong. Her husband works in Argentina so she takes care of her three kids. Two boys ages 9 and 6 and one girl who just turned one on Sunday so she wore the cutest dress to church! Then she also takes care of her niece who is seventeen and she takes care of the nieces daughter who is almost two. They are the most precious little girls and I love them SO much. Honestly though she is soooo strong just like all the people here. It is crazy how many incredible people I have met.

Boy I just LOVE it here. I LOVE the people. I LOVE the culture. I LOVE the language. I am learning to LOVE the food haha. I LOVE THE MISSION!

Love always,
Hermana Bossard xoxo

water in the streets from when it rained a bunch

me and the birthday girl on Sunday

me and Kimberley look at that pout!

oh now we are showing some teeth
There is the smile! LOVE HER
PURE POWER YOGA reppin in the DR pure sweat is right!

Hey Gringita

Wow times sure does fly on the mission! Yesterday marked my official two months! CRAZY!!! Spanish sure is coming along! It is hard but it is awesome. I got my hands on a copy of this book called Dan the Man. It is a returned missionary writting to a current missionary about Spanish grammar and let me tell you if you are trying to learn Spanish get this book. It explains things so clearly and I know I am going to learn a bunch from this! Slowly but surely.

Thank you everyone for your concern about the cyclone. Fortunately my area wasn`t hit so it actually wasn`t an issue for me. I did sing that song Cyclone from middle school a bunch though.

The area here is rather humble. It is a town and not rural at all. I LOVE the people. The other day we went to a baseball field and there were some teenage boys playing together. They had one ball, one bat, and one helmet that they all shared. Most of them had gloves. The pitcher was firing the ball. They also had really old school catchers gear. I am definitely grateful for everything that I have now. I realize how spoiled I am. Honestly just the little things like being able to wash my dishes normally and being able to have a warm shower. I have never realized that those aren't normal for everyone. Remember how lucky you guys are. 

All the love, Hermana Bossard