Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beans Baseball and Best Friends

Well the moment you have all bean waiting for finally happened. HABICHUELAS happened. That is what they call beans here. We were at a members house doing service and she made us lunch. It was self serve so I thought oh perfect I just wont take any but over course she was like here have some have some so I had to have some! UGH. So then I take some and here they eat them on top of their rice so I would take a big spoonful of rice with one bean LOL but in all honesty I would be lying if I said I hated them. They actually werent that bad. Nothing I would make for myself or pay for but honestly not that bad lol.

Well actually softball but baseball sounded better in my title lol. So for Pday we decided to play a game of softball. It was our zone and one other and a bunch of local kids. It was a BLAST. It was actually really funny because the Elders have really low expectations of the sisters and I was picked last HAHAHAA. I was like oh I can pitch for the team. They were like uhhhh ya sure? ok you can. Then I threw a shut out and had like five stike outs. Talk about a blow to the Elders egos. Hahaha I mean like is anyone surprised though? It was a crack up. I am a legend in the area. A bunch of Dominicans were watching us and I had coaches talking to me and kids begging me to pitch more so they could try to hit off me. I dont think most of them have ever seen a girl play and they definitely havent seen a girl play well and it is even crazier because I am a GRINGA! It was truly my time to shine hahahaha! They all wanted pictures with me and wanted me to play more. I hope we go back and play with them more because it was truly SO MUCH FUN. I love the people here.

Can I just say the mission is the bets thing ever? Next week I finish my first transfer ad I am so sad because there are people in my zone who will probably leave. It is So hard because I feel so close to all of them and I love them all so much! It is crazy how fast you get close to people in the mission. We are teaching some people who I just love SO MUCH! They are all so strong here. It is incredible! I love the mission. I love the gospel and church. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I love my Heavenly Father. And I love you all! Stay strong people!

All the Love
Hermana Bossard xoxo

all the sisters

all the missionaries who played

 me and hermana Brimley who I LOVE with some of the boys we played with

selfie in the guagua with some missionaires in my zone

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