Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hey Gringita

Wow times sure does fly on the mission! Yesterday marked my official two months! CRAZY!!! Spanish sure is coming along! It is hard but it is awesome. I got my hands on a copy of this book called Dan the Man. It is a returned missionary writting to a current missionary about Spanish grammar and let me tell you if you are trying to learn Spanish get this book. It explains things so clearly and I know I am going to learn a bunch from this! Slowly but surely.

Thank you everyone for your concern about the cyclone. Fortunately my area wasn`t hit so it actually wasn`t an issue for me. I did sing that song Cyclone from middle school a bunch though.

The area here is rather humble. It is a town and not rural at all. I LOVE the people. The other day we went to a baseball field and there were some teenage boys playing together. They had one ball, one bat, and one helmet that they all shared. Most of them had gloves. The pitcher was firing the ball. They also had really old school catchers gear. I am definitely grateful for everything that I have now. I realize how spoiled I am. Honestly just the little things like being able to wash my dishes normally and being able to have a warm shower. I have never realized that those aren't normal for everyone. Remember how lucky you guys are. 

All the love, Hermana Bossard

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