Monday, August 31, 2015

Party in the DR

Wow well things here are so crazy insane. It is awesome. I love it. Things here are so so so wild. For example, yesterday we bought bananas from a guy riding a donkey down our street. Like what???? Also people are always BLARING music. It is a party in the street all the time. Also when I said we don't have power on Tuesday Thursday or Saturday I meant the most of town I am in doesn't have power. Imagine not having power for six hours a day three times a week???? There are so many people in the streets because it is so hot inside the houses and they can't watch TV. Somehow they still keep the music going. Mom you would love the music and I can picture you dancing zumba in the streets. LOL. 

You Have Got to BEAN Kidding Me???
How clever is that since I don't like beans. If I could have a phone I would total use that as a caption with a picture of a plate with no beans because I STILL HAVE NOT HAD TO EAT BEANS (unless you count the four that I tried in the MTC). Speaking of insta sometimes I wish I had a phone so I could post some snap stories because like I said it is crazy here and you guys would go wild for this stuff. They should do a missionary snap story one day lol. But honestly the food is really good. The other day we ate at a members home and she gave us this avocado that was purple on the outside and it was the best thing I've ever had in my life. They also have guava and passion fruit juice. Seriously Heaven here. If you don't believe in God I have some news for you because how else would I have made it through two months in a country who eats primarily beans without eating them. Answers to prayers can be the only reason. 

Spanish is Hard
The language thing is tough but I am making it through. During our lessons I can really feel the Spirit when I speak Spanish because I know I'm not doing it on my own. Even with the Spirit I'm not perfect. During one lesson I was trying to find the word in the scriptures for infirmities to say that the Atonement covers our sicknesses and infirmities but in Spanish there is only one word for the both of them, enfermadades. So basically I thought I had found the word but I actually ended up telling these people that through the Atonement they can overcome their bowels. Oops! But my companion cleared things up. We ended up having a really great second lesson so I don't feel as bad anymore but I wanted to cry once I figured out what I had said.

I have prayed more in these past two weeks than ever before in my whole life because we ask the people who they want to pray and EVERY SINGLE TIME they pick me because I'm white nd can't speak Spanish. I am actually decent at praying though and I have improved so much because I literally pray every lesson. I have probably prayed a million and six times.

Okay so this morning I did laundry and I think you will all be very proud to hear that I actually have a system to how I clean. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not clean or organize but here I have gotten very good at it. The mission changes you let me tell you. I have already seen so much change in myself it is insane! I love it hear so much and this is the biggest blessing of my life. I hope all of you are doing amazing and I love you!

All the love,
Hermana Bossard
Can you tell which one of my feet was bothered by the bug bites?

my super hip and cute bag fanny pack thing

me and Hermana Castillo (my compa)

a nice surprise in the sink

My House

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