Monday, August 31, 2015

You All Get Saved

Have you ever watched Oprah when she gives stuff away and she like screams look under your chairs you all get a new car, a hour, etc. That is how I think it is with the Atonement. Imagine Jesus Christ hosting a talk show. Look under your chairs. YOU ALL GET SAVED. YOU GET SAVED. AND YOU GET SAVED. EVERYONE GETS SAVED. Because honestly he died for ALL OF US so that we can all be forgiven and return to him one day! How cool is that! (Look up Tyra Banks vaseline to see how much emphasis I would put if I were the one telling people they get saved)

This week has been truly crazy! Sorry if my punctuation grammar or spelling sucks but my computer doesn´t have a functioning keyboard so I promise I am trying to press the right buttons. First off I have perfected bucket showers. They are actually not that bad. Once you pour the first bucket it is smooth sailing. It is kinda hard to get all the soap out of your hair but I have the method down. Sometimes after I shower I sit in front of a fan with my wet hair to remember what it feels like to be cold. The power here is also pretty iffy. We never have it on Tuesday Thrusday or Saturday from 2 to 7 but that´s okay because we aren´t home for most of that time anyway! One night we did lose power and had to plan by the light of my headlamp. Shout out to Ruby Matesen for having the same thing happen and prompting me to buy a headlamp. I have a million bug bites lol and I had a really bad reaction to some and my foot was huge and it looked so funny. I am going to try and send a pic if this comp will let me. Also one morning I found a dead cockroach in our sink. I freaked out so bad but I got the courage to throw it out. Life in the DR is always an adventure and honestly it has already changed me so much because I think it is crazy to live like this but this is the life of the people here. I can´t even imagine feeling like those things are normal. The people here are so happy with so little it is incredible.

At first I was a little jealous of some of the other sisters because they are in more desirable areas in the mission but honestly I am SO meant to be here. There are people that are so similar to me. We are teaching one girl who is so sassy and spunky. She is 16 and literally asks all the same questions I did. Being on a mission makes me think a lot about how I was as an investigator. LOL. We also teach this boy who goes to the capital to play pellota (baseball) Monday through Firsday. He pitches. Mom you would love him. He is kinda quiet but he just looks like an athlete. His hands are huge! I love the people here so much! They are all so incredible and strong!

I think you guys would all be proud of me because my area is kept clean. I am never going to complain about laudry again after my experience with doing laundry here this morning. I had to be the washing machine! It was crazy. I also am going to be an amazing cook after this. We went to buy chicken and this guy literally pulls out a full chicken and cuts it up and gives it to us! So crazy. It was like shooting out blood and juices haha. Also we got that and a bunch of veggies for two dollars! It is awesome.

Everyone here is so sweet and they all try to speak to me in English but usally I just get more confused because I don´t know it is enlighs and their english could use some work. My Spanish is coming along but I have a lot to work on! But I know the Lord will help me. I love the verses in Alma 42 about the mercy of God when I make mistakes. I know that I am not perfect but through the Lord I can work through my imperfections.

All the love
Hermana Bossard xoxo

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