Sunday, January 31, 2016

Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Well transfers were this week and I thought FOR SURE I would be leaving my area but here I am! So on Monday morning at SIX THIRTY during my prayer I get a phone call telling me that I have to be at a meeting at nine because I am training which means I will be getting a brand new missionary! WOW. Never have a felt so unprepared but so graetful. The Lord trusts me big time. It is interesting because I had been feeling like I was plateuing a little bit. I wasn't going down but I wasn't really going up either. A friend recommend thta I prayer for challenges if I feel like I do need to be more pushed so I did and boy did I get an answer! My duaghters name is Hermana Bravo and she is from San Diego CALIFORNIA! SHOUT OUT!!!!!!! I love her so much. She is Latina so she speaks Spanish better than me and only had to do two weeks in the MTC. I can already feel her love for the people. She has so much energy for the work it is awesome. Good things are coming. I can feel it! So sad to see Hna Van Woerkom leave but super crazily she stayed in my zone so I will still see her! YAYY! This means I will more than likely be here for two more transfers which means I will spend half of my mission here in La Union. SO CRAZY! 

Funny story from this week! We were walking to get some food the other night and there is construction being done in our area and I thought what I was walking through was stable but no and I sunk into this mudd UP TO MY KEE. SO gross. Then I could NOT get my feet out with my shoes on so i was walking bare foot through the mudd while pulling my shoes out. Then these guys felt bad for me and washed my shoes and got me water to wash my feet. TOO FUNNY. So me. 

I am really excited for this tranfer! I can feel really good things coming! I love you all so much!

You should all read this talk! SUPER GOOD!!!

Todo mi amor,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

there is a member that knows how to do cornrows so naturally i asked her to do mine and then put my nightie on and took thug pics
bye bye Hna Van Woerkom   

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Wow so this morning I went to go finish my juice before jumping in the shower and I see the biggest spider I have ever seen in my whole entire life crawling across the kitchen floor! AHH. So my companion is DEATHLY afraid of spiders so I look at her and say get out of the house. dont look dont look. and she goes oh my gosh is there a robber? and then i start laughing because if there was a robber why wouldn't i wouldn't get up and get out of the house too IDK. So i am laughing but she gets up and goes and gets me the broom. So the spider goes in between our water barrels that are FULL of water so I try to move it so i can wack the spider. Finally I get it out from between them and start hitting it as my companion is screaming. Too funny. But I was pretty proud of myself for being so proud since my comp wanted to call the Elders and have them come kill it. BRING IT ON WORLD.

Also today we had a zone BBQ. I played basketball with the elders and did the grilling so pretty much I just had a manly man day hahaha. Then I won in Dominoes. Boy oh boy was it my day?!

Enmanuel's baptism is coming up this Monday and I couldn't be more excited. This week he started talking about how he wants to serve a mission! AHHHH so happy. He is such a good example to all of his friends. He is super rad and speaks English better than I speak Spanish. He helps me a bunch. I wish you could all meet him because he is seriously so funny and cool. I love the people here. The DR is great. I think I will be leaving my area next week because I have a lot of time here and as excited as I am to get out of here and see a new part of the island, I will also miss the people of La Union dearly. 

Todo mi amor
Hermana Bossard xoxoxo
when you had a rough day so you drink and coke and throw on your jordans
saw these french fries and thought of you mom. you can take the girl out of California but you can't make her eat GMO  



Well I don't have much time this week or anything to say but I just want you all to know how much I love each and every one of you. Everyone is really jealous of me because I get SOOOOOOOOOOOO much mail and sooooo many packages and seriously they are from so many different people and I can just feel the love so much! You are all awesome!

This week I finished the Book of Mormon and then started it over again and it is so true! Wow I remember in high school and at BYU I could not read it to save my life. Honestly I would sit down and just read like the same chapter five times over and not understand it or get anything out of it and I have been praying so hard on the mish to be able not only to read it but to comprehend it. Can I just tell you the Lord answers prayers! The other day I read THIRTEEN CHAPTERS in one day. Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot for some people because there are people that read it in two or three days in the mission BUT for me it is a lot. Remember people this gospel is not about comparing us to each other but instead is about IMPROVING OURSELVES. Even though for others that may seem small, it is a HUGE STEP for me! Before I left on the mission there was on scripture that meant anything to me personally, now there are so many that I love and use to help me! Remember never to give up on yourself or doubt yourself because you think you aren't good enough. We are all on our own path is becoming the person Heavenly Father sees us as. Start where you are! As President Uchtdorf said this past conference, you don't have to be more anything to start. START WHERE YOU ARE! YOU CAN DO IT! Lots of love to all of you! I pray for you and care for you. Don't settle. Go out there are achieve your dreams!

All the love,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxo

Are you gonna call it twenty-sixteen or two thousand sixteen?

The question of the year if you know what I mean. (Honestly I dont even know what I mean because I am so weird. Nothing has changed lol.) But for real HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We rang in the New Year with matching nighties, pigtails, pizza, Monopoly, bed hopping, and pillow fights. How white girl? It was a night to remember that's for sure. I remember last year I tweeted "I hope my 2015 will be like Taylor Swift's 2014" because she really killed it and became herself. HOLLA! I hope that I can continue finding myself this year. I now have less than a year left here in the mission and I have an idea of what I am doing (kinda lol) and the language is getting there. Honestly I can understand almost everything in the lessons when it is churchie and probably like seventy-five percent of the time outside of church talk(50% is probably more honest haha). But honestly this is the best decision of my life. I know I am just going to keep growing. Sometimes I get anxious to get home just because I want to see how BLESSED my life can be fully living the gospel on a day to day basis. I think we all know I was a little "flojo" or what my fav Bishop Greg Madsen would call "slack-tive" in the church. I have learned so much here and seen so many blessings as a full-time missionary, now I just want to get home and be a full-time member so I can see the blessings of the gospel in my life. But that being said, I am grateful that I still have a year to learn and grow even more. 

This week while we got ready we listened to this talk and omg drop what you are doing right this very second and go read it. Honeslty one of the most EYE OPENING talks of my life. Wow shoutout to my mom for the practice lines haha. Honestly though this week I have been thinking A LOT about how I am practicing my faith and showing Jesus Christ that I am thankful for all He has given me. We were sitting in a lesson and we were talking about our attitudes. We were teaching in lessons because my Heavenly Father loves me enough to have put me in an area where there are a couple people who lived in the states before. So we were talking about having a positive attitude and we shared in Philippians 2 13-16 which reads

 13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
 14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings:
 15 That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;
And that second verse HIT ME! "DO ALL THINGS WITHOUT MURMURINGS." Wow I just thought about all the negativity I had been vibing. I LOVE the mission but we all have our moments. But when I read this I realized that part of it is my reaction. There are always going to be problems in our lives. Things that we can CHOOSE to complain about. But really if we look around and see all the BEAUTY we realize there is so much more to be JOYFUL about! Just like verse 15 says we are truly a LIGHT for the world. I love the analogy of a candle for sharing our light. When we use a candle to light another candle the first candle doesn't lose any light. It is the same way when we share joy in our lives. When we share our happiness, our joy, our light, we don't dim our own light we only make the world a brighter place. Oh and how bright it could be if we were all just a little more willing to share our lights. But instead the world to tends to act like lobsters/crabs when they are trying to escape from tanks. The other crabs pull them down and stop them from getting out. We should support each other and REJOICE in the success of others. I love you all so much and hope that each and every one of you can look for ways to uplift others around you!

All the love,

Hermana Bossard xoxoxoxoxo!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!

Wow I am sorry this is going to be a short one because I don't have much time. Honestly it has been a really hard week. Almost all of our investigators are out of town so it has been hard to find people to teach. We have been trying to contact but not many people are letting us in. This has probably been one of the hardest weeks in the mission UGH! But the New Year is coming and I am excited to put new goals and become a better missionary.

I want to encourage you all as this new year comes around to set some goals and really work to keep them. Yes everyone wants to go to the gym more eat healthier wake up earlier and be happier but how often do we really keep our New Year's Resolutions? I would like to encourage eachand every one of you to really think how you can become a better person! How can you serve others more this year? How can you become closer with your family? Who can you forgive this year? What can you do to be more at peace? I hope each and every one of you can put together a plan to complete your goals. Whatever they may be. Remember you Heavenly Father sees your potential and who you can become. GO DO IT!

All the love,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Wow what a week it has been! If you are anyone who knows me well you know I have a BEAUTIFUL voice! JK but you know I will sing shamelessly even though it is horrible. So we had our Stake choir show and we sang in the choir for the hymn part no biggie but then they told us we need to have another song and all the instruments came on out. Honestly I wasn't sure if we were in the Mormon church or the Baptist church but it was fun; HOWEVER, our ward didn't have anything prepared so they decided to have us sing The Little Drummer Boy with two women from the ward singing the first verse and me and my cmop singing the second verse in Spanish and the ward singing the rum pa pum pum part. Everything seemed fine and dandy but in the Spanish version there are words the whole time and there isn't time for the rum pa pum pum so we were already messing those up then I messed up the words in English not that anyone would have known but my companion starts laughing then I elbow her and apparently it looked really funny so everyone starts laughing and she is laughing so hard and then they mess up the rum pa pum pum as I am trying to sing and they literally shut the curtains on us. No second chances hahaha. I was laughed off the dang stage. There goes that singing career we all expected from me. 

BUT I did redeem myself a little in our mission talent show. So of course every other zone was BORING and either did a Nativity scene or sang a hymn but we got a lil creative and sang the 12 days of Christmas with mission terms instead of the original.

Okay so it went like this 
"En el primer dia de los translados la mision me dio"
or on the first day of transfers the mission gave to me

1. Un apoyo que no llego
apoyo is the name of our money here so basically we are saying we haven't received our money yet
2. dos pow-pows
here "pow pow" is something people say to there kids like dont do that
3. tres boches
when we get in trouble we say someone gave us a boche
4. cuatro minutos menos
because here in the DR the phones have minutes it isn't unlimited like in the states
5. cinco referencias
like when people give us new references for people to teach
6. seis enfermadades
six sicknesses because just about everyone has had stomach probs in this mish
7. siete dias sin luz
seven days without light because you never know when you may or may not have it
8. ocho pollos fritos
eight fried chickens because here people LOVE their chicken
9. nueve dias sin agua
nine days without water lol holla at the bucket showers
10. diez fechas caidas
ten fallen dates for baptism because the mission is tough
11. once rudas leenas
eleven full rudas which are the taxis here where there are no laws about how many people you can get into them! (see pics)
12. doce primeras semanas
the first 12 weeks which is a program you do in the first two transfers of your mission to learn the ropes

I hope you all enjoyed our Christmas/mission song as much as we did! 

SHOUTOUT to the Capitola ward for sending me the sweetest lil Christmas package. You are all amazing! Don't have much to say but I love you all and hope you are having the BEST holiday season!

All the love,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxo

we found some pigs that are probably going to be eaten by the time you all read this :( 
i got to hold a HEDGEHOG hahaha
we also saw monkeys and parrots and fish and cats and dogs hahaha

we went to this self serve froyo  place called sweet frog that they have in the states! (not half as good as yogurtland)

20 Funny and FABULOUS

Wow TWENTY. Can you believe that? That is a two not a one. WOW SOY UNA VIEJA! I am an old woman lol. Can I just say I had the BEST birthday of my WHOLE DANG LIFE?!!!! I could feel so much of my Heavenly Father's love! Like just so many things lined up in such an inspired way to make some miracles happen! Also SHOUTOUT to my mom, the BEST mom in the world because she has been emailing my comp and I got a SURPRISE Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. It was like I never left the states. They even had music in English! Wow! It was awesome. Then I got to go share the most beautiful message on the planet. What more could I ask for? Oh maybe a night full of pizza and dominoes with some members and then another birthday party with a traditional Dominican desert the next night oh and a BUNCH of love in my emails. Honestly I thought this was going to be the hardest birthday ever but honestly it was the BEST of my life. 

Well tranfers were this week and I was so nervous about where I would be going since I had three transfers so drum roll PLEASE.................................................. I AM STAYING IN LA UNION WITH HERMANA VAN WOERKOM. What a DREAM come true because I thought I wouldn't know my comp or the area or any of the members for Christmas but I get to stay. Wow I am SO dang happy. Can we just take a minute to talk about the power of prayer? I have been praying to stay obviously. The members have been praying for me to stay. Even my investigators were praying for it! Obviously no one wants me to go hahaha. SO many prayers were answered and I know without them I would be gone. I totally thought I was gone but I am here. Our zone is called Cien Fuegos and me and Hna Van woerkom like to call ourselves ``Las Bomberas`` de Cien Fuegos or the firefighters. Gosh we have too much dang fun. The mission has a lot of heartbreak but it has so many beautoful moments. Wow I am so excited to get at least six more weeks here with my BFF companion. Heavenly Father listens to us and ANSWERS our prayers. He loves us SO much.

My companion had a copy of this talk that she shared with me and boy is it so true. The time is NOW! This past six months have flown by and I know life is the same way. It just flies by. We need to take advantage of every moment. I would STRONGLY encourage all of you to read this. I love you all so much and I can`t wait to see your faces in a YEAR what?!!

All the LOVE,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


I fell and ate it SUPER hard in the street in front of a bunch of people one day and this is my battle wound...just a little embarrassing                            

Celebrating my birthday with my zone
Feliz Cumpleanos!