Sunday, December 27, 2015


Wow what a week it has been! If you are anyone who knows me well you know I have a BEAUTIFUL voice! JK but you know I will sing shamelessly even though it is horrible. So we had our Stake choir show and we sang in the choir for the hymn part no biggie but then they told us we need to have another song and all the instruments came on out. Honestly I wasn't sure if we were in the Mormon church or the Baptist church but it was fun; HOWEVER, our ward didn't have anything prepared so they decided to have us sing The Little Drummer Boy with two women from the ward singing the first verse and me and my cmop singing the second verse in Spanish and the ward singing the rum pa pum pum part. Everything seemed fine and dandy but in the Spanish version there are words the whole time and there isn't time for the rum pa pum pum so we were already messing those up then I messed up the words in English not that anyone would have known but my companion starts laughing then I elbow her and apparently it looked really funny so everyone starts laughing and she is laughing so hard and then they mess up the rum pa pum pum as I am trying to sing and they literally shut the curtains on us. No second chances hahaha. I was laughed off the dang stage. There goes that singing career we all expected from me. 

BUT I did redeem myself a little in our mission talent show. So of course every other zone was BORING and either did a Nativity scene or sang a hymn but we got a lil creative and sang the 12 days of Christmas with mission terms instead of the original.

Okay so it went like this 
"En el primer dia de los translados la mision me dio"
or on the first day of transfers the mission gave to me

1. Un apoyo que no llego
apoyo is the name of our money here so basically we are saying we haven't received our money yet
2. dos pow-pows
here "pow pow" is something people say to there kids like dont do that
3. tres boches
when we get in trouble we say someone gave us a boche
4. cuatro minutos menos
because here in the DR the phones have minutes it isn't unlimited like in the states
5. cinco referencias
like when people give us new references for people to teach
6. seis enfermadades
six sicknesses because just about everyone has had stomach probs in this mish
7. siete dias sin luz
seven days without light because you never know when you may or may not have it
8. ocho pollos fritos
eight fried chickens because here people LOVE their chicken
9. nueve dias sin agua
nine days without water lol holla at the bucket showers
10. diez fechas caidas
ten fallen dates for baptism because the mission is tough
11. once rudas leenas
eleven full rudas which are the taxis here where there are no laws about how many people you can get into them! (see pics)
12. doce primeras semanas
the first 12 weeks which is a program you do in the first two transfers of your mission to learn the ropes

I hope you all enjoyed our Christmas/mission song as much as we did! 

SHOUTOUT to the Capitola ward for sending me the sweetest lil Christmas package. You are all amazing! Don't have much to say but I love you all and hope you are having the BEST holiday season!

All the love,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxo

we found some pigs that are probably going to be eaten by the time you all read this :( 
i got to hold a HEDGEHOG hahaha
we also saw monkeys and parrots and fish and cats and dogs hahaha

we went to this self serve froyo  place called sweet frog that they have in the states! (not half as good as yogurtland)

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