Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Wow so this morning I went to go finish my juice before jumping in the shower and I see the biggest spider I have ever seen in my whole entire life crawling across the kitchen floor! AHH. So my companion is DEATHLY afraid of spiders so I look at her and say get out of the house. dont look dont look. and she goes oh my gosh is there a robber? and then i start laughing because if there was a robber why wouldn't i wouldn't get up and get out of the house too IDK. So i am laughing but she gets up and goes and gets me the broom. So the spider goes in between our water barrels that are FULL of water so I try to move it so i can wack the spider. Finally I get it out from between them and start hitting it as my companion is screaming. Too funny. But I was pretty proud of myself for being so proud since my comp wanted to call the Elders and have them come kill it. BRING IT ON WORLD.

Also today we had a zone BBQ. I played basketball with the elders and did the grilling so pretty much I just had a manly man day hahaha. Then I won in Dominoes. Boy oh boy was it my day?!

Enmanuel's baptism is coming up this Monday and I couldn't be more excited. This week he started talking about how he wants to serve a mission! AHHHH so happy. He is such a good example to all of his friends. He is super rad and speaks English better than I speak Spanish. He helps me a bunch. I wish you could all meet him because he is seriously so funny and cool. I love the people here. The DR is great. I think I will be leaving my area next week because I have a lot of time here and as excited as I am to get out of here and see a new part of the island, I will also miss the people of La Union dearly. 

Todo mi amor
Hermana Bossard xoxoxo
when you had a rough day so you drink and coke and throw on your jordans
saw these french fries and thought of you mom. you can take the girl out of California but you can't make her eat GMO  


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