Sunday, January 31, 2016

Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Well transfers were this week and I thought FOR SURE I would be leaving my area but here I am! So on Monday morning at SIX THIRTY during my prayer I get a phone call telling me that I have to be at a meeting at nine because I am training which means I will be getting a brand new missionary! WOW. Never have a felt so unprepared but so graetful. The Lord trusts me big time. It is interesting because I had been feeling like I was plateuing a little bit. I wasn't going down but I wasn't really going up either. A friend recommend thta I prayer for challenges if I feel like I do need to be more pushed so I did and boy did I get an answer! My duaghters name is Hermana Bravo and she is from San Diego CALIFORNIA! SHOUT OUT!!!!!!! I love her so much. She is Latina so she speaks Spanish better than me and only had to do two weeks in the MTC. I can already feel her love for the people. She has so much energy for the work it is awesome. Good things are coming. I can feel it! So sad to see Hna Van Woerkom leave but super crazily she stayed in my zone so I will still see her! YAYY! This means I will more than likely be here for two more transfers which means I will spend half of my mission here in La Union. SO CRAZY! 

Funny story from this week! We were walking to get some food the other night and there is construction being done in our area and I thought what I was walking through was stable but no and I sunk into this mudd UP TO MY KEE. SO gross. Then I could NOT get my feet out with my shoes on so i was walking bare foot through the mudd while pulling my shoes out. Then these guys felt bad for me and washed my shoes and got me water to wash my feet. TOO FUNNY. So me. 

I am really excited for this tranfer! I can feel really good things coming! I love you all so much!

You should all read this talk! SUPER GOOD!!!

Todo mi amor,
Hermana Bossard xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

there is a member that knows how to do cornrows so naturally i asked her to do mine and then put my nightie on and took thug pics
bye bye Hna Van Woerkom   

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