Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Week I Spoke in front of a Gerneral Authority IN SPANISH

Wow so truly the title says it all. This week was a very interesting one. We had a conference with a member of the area presidency, Elder Zivic. We were told in our zone metting that two missionaries out of the HUNDRED that were there were going to speak. They told us to prepare a talk on lesson 1 or 2. Or so I thought but really they said to have something prepared for both but of course I didn`t understand because it was all in Spanish. So we are sitting in the conference and my companion gets called up to give the opening prayer so I am thinking phew I am in the clear no way are they going to call both of us up. Then the Elder condusting the meeting says to my comp ``How do you prounounce your companions name?`` A feeling of panic came over me. Then he stands up and still gets my name wrong of course. Then he says I am going to speak on Lesson 1 and I freaked out because my talk was on LESSON TWO ugh. So then one of the other sisters was like ``su testimonio`` and I was like okay that`s right I have a testimony of all this I can do this. I ended up talking about Joseph Smith`s desire to know the truth and his willingness to follow his answers. I know all my words were wrong in Spanish but the Spirit was definitely there. Also Elder Zivic and his wife were very impressed with my Spanish so that was nice. It was a really incredible experience that I will definitely never forget.

This week I was studying in the book Daughters in my Kingdom. If you don`t have a copy and you are a girl, GO GET IT. Honestly so incredible. I was reading the chapter on visiting teaching and I gained a new tstimony of the importance of the church orginazations. I have always had a testimony of the gospel but reading this chapter I realized how lucky I am to be in a church where women and all people support each other and love eachother. I remember a non member telling me about my baptism how weird it was how much the people there loved me for having known me for such little time. I want that person to realize that they don`t need to know me personally to know that I am a daughter of our Heavenly Father and an important part int he kingdom of God. I love having this knowledge because nometter who tries to put you down or say mean things you can know that your Heavenely Father loves you dearly. The other day I was having a bit of a rough one and then during one of our visits I got to hold week old baby rabbits. I could feel the love of the Lord so strongly because He knew exactly what I needed in this moment. The church is so true people. Live it. Love it.

All the love,
Hermana Bossard xoxo

our failed attempts at a zone picture with self timer

our failed attempts at a zone picture with self timer
our failed attempts at a zone picture with self timer

a latino wrote this as a goodbye exito means success lol i think he meant i can do it but idk

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