Thursday, September 10, 2015

Living the Dream

Wow another amazing week in the mission. Honestly I didn't think it could get any better but every day is a sweet surprise. Don't get me wrong missions are REALLY hard and a bunch of work but doesn't it seem to be that the hardest things are always the most rewarding? Sure is true for my mission! 

This week I got to teach an English class which was very funny. Everyone has lots of questions for me about how I like the country and the people and the food. I always tell them that I love it because it is true I LOVE IT. There were people in the class interested in the church so I actually taught a lesson on the Restoration in English which was weird because I am so used to it being in Spanish, but it turned out pretty good haha. I actually was able to translate a bit in Spanish so they understood the lesson. I will probably go back to teach more because they all loved me and are begging me to come back.

A bunch of kids who live on our street also love me and want me to teach an English class. It is so cute because there are always sitting by our door when we return home at night and they yell things at me like hi, my name is..., how are you, thank you, and they ask me what a bunch of different things mean. It is so cute and I love them. They always put a smile on my face.

The English class that I taught is right next to that baseball field I was talking about. This time there was MENS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL. It was crazy. They were pitching SO FAST and just drilling the ball. It was awesome to watch and definitely brought back some memories haha.

This week we also had a chance to have our interviews with the President of the mission. He makes sure things are going well in our area and with our companionship. Mine went great because things are GREAT. Oh by the way I did the whole dang thing in SPANISH and he said my Spanish was really good and that I am progressing SUPER fast. Wow what a great thing to hear! It made me even happier. 

We teach this one family that is less active but is now active in the church. WOO! The mom is SO strong. Her husband works in Argentina so she takes care of her three kids. Two boys ages 9 and 6 and one girl who just turned one on Sunday so she wore the cutest dress to church! Then she also takes care of her niece who is seventeen and she takes care of the nieces daughter who is almost two. They are the most precious little girls and I love them SO much. Honestly though she is soooo strong just like all the people here. It is crazy how many incredible people I have met.

Boy I just LOVE it here. I LOVE the people. I LOVE the culture. I LOVE the language. I am learning to LOVE the food haha. I LOVE THE MISSION!

Love always,
Hermana Bossard xoxo

water in the streets from when it rained a bunch

me and the birthday girl on Sunday

me and Kimberley look at that pout!

oh now we are showing some teeth
There is the smile! LOVE HER
PURE POWER YOGA reppin in the DR pure sweat is right!

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