Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Week to Remember

A Baptism in a Week
We had BAPTISMS this weekend. Boy was it glorious. One was our golden investigator Chrithopher. The other was this guy who had taken the lessons in the past and literally came up to us on Sunday and said I want to be baptized this Saturday too. It was crazy but we pulled it all together. A baptism in a week. The baptismal service was AMAZING ad I felt the Sprit so dang strong. They are the first convert baptisms in our ward for just about a year now. I can tell that these are going to get the ball rolling. We have some other really amazing investigators who have accepted dates for baptism. oh my the church is TRUE!

Wow if you didnt get a chance to watch the general conference for the women GO DO IT NOW! Honestly it was sooooooo amazing. I was writing notes and my journal and i kept adding thngs like YES! or omg SO true. Gosh it was amazing. One of the talks was about our divine nature and how our Heavenly Father gives us part of His divinity. How amazing is that?!!! AHHH LOVE IT we are all childern of a Heaveny Father! Also there was a video clip that shared Phillippians 4 13 and I want you al to go read it right now. It is amazing and I love it. Def a new fav.

Wow this week it has been raining like CRAZY. The drops are so big and so heavy and we get soaked because we are walking everywhere. Umbrellas dont help at all. It is kinda funny though. One day it even hailed which is crazy because it is so dang hot here. Rain shine snow or hail the church is true and I love you! Literally love you all so much! Please keep writing me and sending me letters. LOVE YOU ALL

All the love
Hermana Bossard xoxo

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